1. Acne

Acne is the most common skin concern, affecting over 80% of us at some stage of our lives either during adolescence or into adulthood.

Acne is fundamentally controlled by hormones which is why we often see it develop during our teenage years or around our menstrual cycle. There are other factors that influence acne such as genetics, lifestyle choices such as diet or poor skin care products and make-up. 

Adult acne is an inflammation in the skin where pores become blocked and can be infected. Acne can involve painful cysts within the skin in the most severe cases.  

Skin care tip: Using OceanMuse gel to milk cleanser will gently cleanse your skin of any built-up perspiration, makeup, and sunblock without leaving your skin feeling stripped dry.  Our tonifying Mist Muse, contains powerful acne-fighting ingredients that will hydrate, rejuvenate and replenish your skin, used after cleanser or anytime of the day that your skin needs to be refreshed.  

2. Rosacea 

It’s often a case of mistaken identity with Rosacea. When red bumps, lumps, papules and pustules appear on your face, it’s easy to confuse with acne. However, if it’s predominantly spread across your cheeks and accompanied by a burning sensation or visible veins, you may have rosacea. 

You are more likely to get rosacea if you are: 

  • A woman 
  • Have fair skin 
  • Are over 30 
  • Have a family history 

Although men more commonly experience the most severe form of rhinophyma (thickening of the skin, usually on the nose). 

Skin care tip: Rosacea is a persistent skin concern, but its symptoms aren’t always present. By avoiding triggers and applying products that build resiliency in your sensitive skin and you can control flare-ups. 



Melasma is a common skin problem. The condition causes dark coloured patches on your skin. 

It isn’t totally clear what causes melasma. Estrogen and progesterone sensitivity are also associated with the condition. This means birth control pills, pregnancy, and hormone therapy can all trigger melasma.  Stress and thyroid disease are also thought to be causes of melasma.

Additionally, sun exposure can cause melasma because ultraviolet rays affect the cells that control pigment (melanocytes).

Sun or hormones aren’t the only things to blame for pigmented skin. When inflammation occurs in the skin from acne or cosmetic procedures such as lasers and some chemical peels, this can also result in post-inflammatory pigmentation.  

Skin care tip:  UV ray exposure can make pigmentation worse.

Where your sun hat and apply Ocean Muse Sun & Sea or Youthful Serum.

Youthful Serum – Infused with Plant Marine Collagen, Dragons blood, White Tea and Canadian Willow herb, an antioxidant rich serum that plumps and hydrates your skins natural glow, as well as brightening and protecting your skin from harsh UV rays. Leaves your skin feeling hydrated, protected soothed and calm.


4. Post-menopausal Ageing 

Did you know collagen decreases by 30% in the first 5 years of menopause? This loss of collagen can lead to thinner skin with increased lines and wrinkles. 

Other signs of ageing may include: 

  • Sagging jowls 
  • Eye bags 
  • Age spots 
  • Dry, rough skin 

Skin care tip: Don’t wait until menopause! The more you support collagen production, the more youthful you can look even when hormones change.

Ocean Muse serums are a go-to for anti-ageing skin care. 

Ocean Muse Sun & Sea Serum is a nutrient rich serum with deep repairing properties. Infused with active ingredients such as Sun-alg, Bakuchiol and Golden Seaweed, this light and easily absorbed serum will leave your skin feeling hydrated, smooth and renewed.

5. Stretch Marks 

These unique scars, which first appear purple, brown, pink or red and fade over time to pale white or silver streaks, are caused by rapidly stretching skin. However, genetics play a role too. The scars themselves are a result of tearing elastin fibres underneath the skin. 

Stretch marks can affect anybody. However, it’s estimated that 8/10 women get them during pregnancy. 

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