Want younger-looking skin? 

Your skin seems to have its own plans. Maybe those wrinkles are deepening at an alarming rate. Or perhaps it just feels like the image in the mirror doesn’t reflect how young you feel. 

Premature ageing can look different for everyone, but there are steps you can take to help prevent, slow, or reverse the signs.  

If you’ve been wondering, “why am I aging so fast?!” keep reading for our top tips on reclaiming and sustaining a youthful glow. 

What is premature ageing? 

None of us can avoid the ageing process. 

Some of your body’s processes naturally start to decline in your 20s and 30s. Collagen and elastin production, which provide the skin’s structure and elasticity, slow down. And your skin produces less Hyaluronic Acid, which helps your skin retain hydration. Over time these things combine to make your skin appear “older”. You might start to notice crow’s feet, lines around your mouth, thinning and sagging skin, or bags under the eyes. 

Premature ageing is when you experience these symptoms earlier than average. 

Premature ageing looks different for everyone, but these are some common signs to look out for. And an approximate age range for when they appear. 

Wrinkles or sagging skin 

The decrease of collagen in your 30s combined with frequent facial movements can lead to your first fine lines and wrinkles, although there’s no set “norm” for when wrinkles appear. Sun exposure, pollution, and dehydration can also have an impact.  

Dry or itchy skin 

As your skin ages (prematurely or otherwise), it thins. And thinner skin is more prone to dehydration. After 40, you might notice that your skin is dryer, flakier and may even itch. 


A common sign of ageing for people over 50 are sunspots (also called age spots or liver spots). These flat brown spots on your skin are caused by years in the sun. This means they’re likely to appear on exposed areas like your arms, hands, or face. 

Rejuvenating Prematurely Aged Skin 

Ocean Muse skin care range has been created with a focus on Natural Bioactive ingredients and powerhouse antioxidants that are light on the skin yet deeply repairing and protective, particularly in topical or humid conditions. Ocean Muse skincare range is the top choice for those who like to have fun in the sun. Leaving your skin feeling hydrated, smooth and calm.

Our top 5 Anti-aging tips:

  1. Stay in the shade, particularly when the UV rays are the most intense. 
  2. Keep your hydration levels topped up by drinking enough water, wearing a moisturiser like Ocean Muse Moisturiser, an ultra-luxurious crème that contains Hyaluronic Acid, Emblica and Ceramides that offers your skin the ultimate in hydration, firming and brightening while plumping & protecting the skin. 
  3. Use active skincare, which means the ingredients are proven to work. Ocean Muse bioactive ingredients include plant marine collagen, Golden Seaweed, Bakuchiol (natural alternative to retinol) and sun fortifying Sun-Alg
  4. Fight free radical damage with antioxidant-rich serums such as Ocean Muse Sun & Sea, and Youthful serums- essentials for fighting against ageing and uneven skin tone and texture.  
  5. Live a healthy lifestyle so your skin won’t be exposed to the oxidative stress and dehydration that leads to wrinkles (and for many other reasons!). Feed your skin healthy fresh foods.