The first skin care range specifically developed to hydrate, protect and repair sundamage for coastal and humid climates.

Following a belief in botanicals and science we have developed an Antioxidant rich range that addresses the heavy toll on skins exposed to harsh rays of the tropical sun, humidity, salt and air-conditioned environments.

Our formulations are light, easily absorbed, allow your skin to breathe and will not clog up your skin in the hot summer months.

      OceanMuse is for the woman who chooses to look her best while having fun in the sun, ( or man).

I have used everything from A to Z when it comes to skin care.  I live in the beautiful tropics of Queensland and that has been hard on my skin.  I discovered Ocean Muse by sheer accident.  I absolutely adore this product and love what it has done for my skin. It’s a yes from me!
Ocean Muse Youthful Serum

Ocean Muse® Youthful Serum is a beautiful hand-crafted serum to reinvigorate your skin’s natural youthful appearance.

Plumping and moisturising, it helps retain your skin’s natural glow, as well as lightening and protecting.

Youthful Serum assists in correcting uneven skin tones caused by too much “fun in the sun”.

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Sun & Sea Repairing Serum is a light serum that is deeply repairing yet quickly absorbed.

It has been crafted to help shield skin against damaging effects of sun exposure.

Whether sailing, golfing, surfing or cycling its natural active ingredients will assist to repair and rejuvenate sun damaged skin while toning down summer breakouts.

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My Ocean Muse serum is beautiful. You only need a drop to cover the whole face. It’s light on the skin and I’ve found it really nourishing and hydrating. Totally recommended.

Ocean Muse® skincare is specifically formulated for the challenging Australian climate and humidity.

Lightweight, quick absorbing and you won’t sweat it out.

The benefits stay working on your skin – not on your towel.

Firstly I will say the Ocean Muse serums are divine.  My skin is smooth, young and nourished, I never want to miss a day without using them.  All of them! Grace is the best in this field.  She brings many years of experience to her work and in her formulations, she never stops analysing and adjusting her serums to make them even better all the time.  Being a health practitioner, I have shared patients with Grace and have seen the results with my own eyes.

Ocean Muse® is created for people that want to
have fun in the sun

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