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Grace Kovac

My clients have always been my 'muses’ my inspiration for everything I do, from treatments to products.

After 30 years of working with skin, owning multiple clinics, working with Drs and Plastic Surgeons I chose to start formulating a skin care line that would align with our challenging conditions on the Sunshine Coast.

Humidity, heat, salty air to me using European cremes full of lanolin (ideal for European winters) made it unbearable so I listened to what my clients were asking for, engaged a listening chemist and began the journey with OceanMuse.

Most of my clients asked for light, easily absorbed products that would help with sun damage. My golden child: Sun & Sea Repair Serum was created for that reason.

The concept for MissMuse was born 13 years later, on a trip to Palm Springs CA, I spent time with the locals and noticed similar sun-damage I treated at home. It's amusing how much more observant we can be when we travel alone.

I noticed the dryness, the sun damage and desired to create some beautiful body products that would buff and exfoliate skin, and hydrate it at the same time. Our sister product MissMuse was created to maintain body skin and complement our line with a touch of pure gold glamour.