Sun and Sea Repairing Serum - 50ml


Repair | Renew | Clear
Ocean Muse Sun & Sea Repair Serum is a crafted nutrient rich serum with deep repairing properties which helps to shield the skin against damaging effects from sun exposure.
Suited For

- Fine Lines
- Pigmentation
- Redness
- Coarse Skin
- Scaring
- Acne

Weather sailing golfing surfing cycling or simply exploring the great outdoor the natural ingredients may assist in the repair & rejuvenation of sun damaged skin whilst toning down skin irritations.

Key Ingredients

Sunalg® - is a marine agent that brings potent protection against UVA & UVB radiation, as well as blue exposure, reduces inflammatory response in UV exposed skin, helps to prevent the formation of sun burn cells with high efficacy while minimizing redness and soothing sunburn.

Systenol A. Bakuchiol – A Natural form of retinol without any of the negatives. Clinically proven to reduce signs of aging. Great for acne or those suffering signs of Rosacea, significant reduction in dry skin, fine lines, wrinkles while supporting firmness, radiance, brightness & skin elasticity.
Bakuchiol is a true retinol alternative – Similar benefits to retinol without the long-term negative effects such as thinning of skin, pigmentation and irritation, all challenges that can be made worse for lifestyles in the sun.

Laminara Ochroleuca extract (Antileuline) – A potent comprehensive skin protective factor extracted from oceanic “gold seaweed” benefits include reducing inflammation & redness from over exposure to sunshine, assist skin retain elasticity & radiance whilst reducing fine lines.

Oils of Gold – Arnica Oil, Rosehip Oil, Prickly Pear Oil, Guava/Papaya Oils, Macadamia Oil, Active 1.22 Marula Oil, Jojoba Oil Apricot Oil, Active Antileukine6, Meadows Foam Oil.