Serums can cause confusion. Should they be oily, gel-like or watery? Do they go under or over moisturiser? Why do they moisturise if they’re not a moisturiser? But this we know with absolute certainty – serums make your skin sing.

What is a serum anyway?

A serum is a highly concentrated water-based skincare product that delivers powerful actives deep into the skin.  There you have it. Simple right? 

Is that why my serum is runny?

Precisely, your serum should always have a thin texture to it, because that’s what helps it penetrate. Serums contain high doses of small-molecule, active ingredients without added fillers, emollients or thickeners so that they can penetrate right down to the layers of skin that need a boost. What makes it all so confusing is that some products are labelled a serum when they are in fact a facial oil (true serums are always water-based, not oil-based, because an oil is too heavy to penetrate properly).

Do all serums work the same way?

Yes, but no, because the actives in your serum can differ depending on your skin concern. If ageing is your main concern, then a high-quality serum should contain antioxidants, peptides and cell regenerators in higher doses than a moisturiser so that your skin is getting a targeted boost of these active ingredients.

What serum should I use?

Ocean Muse Youthful Serum is a light serum that will reinvigorate your skins natural youth appearance. Plumping and hydrating this antioxidant rich serum helps to retain your skins natural glow, as well as brightening and protecting your skin from harsh UV rays.

Active ingredients including Plant Marine cCllagen, Dragons blood, White tea and Canadian Willowherb. 

Youthful serum will assist in correcting uneven skin tones caused by too much fun in the sum, as well as acne breakouts from hormonal fluctuations and sunblock. 

It will leave your skin feeling hydrated, protected, soothed and calm.

Ocean Sun & Sea Serum is a nutrient rich serum with deep repairing properties that help to shield the skin against damaging effects from the sun exposure. 

Made with natural bio active ingredients such as sun fortifying Sun-Alg, Bakuchiol, and Golden Seaweed. 

Light and easily absorbed by the skin.  Ocean muse sun & sea leaves your skin feeling hydrated, smooth and renewed. 

So how do I apply serum?

The key is not to waste any precious product. Cup your hand and keep your fingers tightly together, then apply one pump of serum onto the palm of your hand. Rub your palms together, then massage over the entire face in small, circular motions. It’s OK to apply serum around the eye area but avoid applying it on the eyelids.  You really only need one small pump of serum for your whole face because the ingredients are concentrated, so a little goes a long way.

Does serum go under or over moisturiser?

A true serum always goes under moisturiser. Think of your skin like a sponge – it will soak up a water-based serum in seconds and there should be no sticky residue left on the skin. You’ll still need to apply moisturiser over serum because it serves a different purpose. Moisturiser creates a protective layer on the surface of the skin, like a seal, to prevent moisture escaping. If you try to apply a water-based serum over your moisturiser, you’re wasting your time, as it won’t penetrate. If you’re a fan of face oils, they should always be applied after moisturiser because they are heavier than moisturiser.

We love and recommend our Sun & Sea Repair Serum and our Youthful Serum