Let's talk about my favourite ingredients that make Ocean Muse rock!!

One of the ingredients we use in our Mist Muse (Mist is so amazing) is Lime Caviar. Yes you heard right... Lime Caviar. And this is why you need it in your skincare products... 

Lime Caviar; is a native botanical extract from an Australian indigenous Rainforest tree. The tiny exotic pearls of the lime caviar fruit are naturally rich in Vitamin C and ferulic acid. This amazing botanical is full of antioxidants that help combat UV damage, environmental damage and premature ageing (oh my gosh it just keeps getting better!!). 

* ferulic acid is a powerful antioxidant that neutralises free radical damage from  pollution and ultra violet light.

Lime Caviar has been known to improve elasticity and uneven/dull skin tone. So having this super-powerful natural ingredient in our Mist Muse will have you spritzing all the way to younger, healthier looking skin.. woo hoo! 

We would love to invite you to try this amazing product for yourself, we have an online special at the moment