“If my products have made one person feel better about their skin today I feel I’ve accomplished something”

~ Wise Words from the Muse!

I have spent most of my life searching for products that give my skin a youthful, fresh and supple appearance.  Having found the Ocean Muse products, in particular the Youthful Serum, is a game changer for my skin.  This product has actively evened out and brightened my complexion.  A great product that delivers. 
This serum does for my skin what Champagne does for my mouth – Rejoice!! It is so refreshing and absorbs so easily. I love being in the sun but you wouldn’t know it because I use this serum everyday.
Grace has honestly created the most perfect products to rejuvenate your skin. After only 3 weeks of using these serums, polish and masque, my skin feels plump, hydrated and not only looks glowing but feels youthful again. I’ve searched high and low to find a product that will naturally lighten and brighten my skin and finally I think I’ve found it. Ocean Muse Youthful Serum is a 10/10!!! Everyone must try it!!! Thank you Grace x
The Ocean Muse Youthful Serum is very refreshing and hydrating. Application is light, smooth and non-greasy. Great for dry skin, especially from air-conditioned office environments. Also great to use after being in the sun.
I have found the Ocean Muse Youthful Serum a great product – Canberra has very dry air and the serum hydrates my skin so well, and the product is light, not heavy and greasy, leaving my skin refreshed. I also have very sensitive skin, and this product is soothing to use with no skin irritation or redness after application.
A beautiful skincare range that delivers results. My favourite product is the sun and sea serum – leaves my skin feeling hydrated and flawless.
I live in the states and experience very hot summers and extremely cold winters. Ocean Muse Skincare is pure magic on my skin. I use the complete product line and as I approach 55 years of age I can’t imagine using anything else on my skin!
Grace is an amazing therapist with many years experience which shows in her products and her treatments. My skin is sensitive and reacts to most products but Ocean Muse is wonderfully gentle without having lost any of its effectiveness. My skin feels and looks great when I’m using them. I would recommend Grace and Ocean Muse to any of my friends and family.
Thank you Grace, I adore basking in the sun and my skin has shown sign of this. Since using Ocean Muse my skin has improved and been feeling wonderful, it is glowing and others have noticed.

As a 58yo outdoor loving woman it’s been incredible to find this range that literally saves my skin!

Every morning I apply the Youthful Serum under the Sun and Sea serum (which being more like a super light weight but long lasting oil absolutely changed the game for me when I’m out and about all day!)

These products go on so beautifully, absorb fast and smell great. They last all day. My skin never feels dry or oily, I had problems with both in the past. I couldn’t get the balance right!

That they are natural products, CRUELTY FREE AND locally made in Queensland by a woman of integrity with decades of clinical experience about “what women need” (and want!) in skin care, rather than a massive corporation, is also really important to me.

I doubt I will ever want or need to change my skin care regime again. Thank you ocean muse for the years and passion you put into your range.