Ocean Muse® Founder Grace Kovac

Ocean Muse skincare range is specifically formulated to meet the challenging skincare issues of people living in coastal and humid climates.

Created by Grace Kovac, a professional aesthetician who has a unique insights into the needs of skin exposed to the harsh rays of the tropical sun, humidity, salt and air-conditioned environments.

Grace has spent eight years developing and refining the Ocean Muse range, working with a professional cosmetic chemist who has over 20 years industry experience and has worked with some of the world’s leading brands and multinationals.

Knowing what ingredients would get the best results for her clients, Grace was able to tap into the knowledge and experience of the chemist to formulate the perfect blends for quick absorption and effectiveness of the Ocean Muse range.

“I don’t expect to look 21, all I ask is to look the best that I can for my age”.

Grace Kovacs